Air Conditioning Options

Systems comprise of an indoor air-handling unit connected via copper pipe work and data cabling to an outdoor condensing unit. Both indoor and outdoor units are available in a verity of different shapes and sizes. All system can be installed in both new and existing properties. Here are just a few examples of the most popular.

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Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Units

wall monted air con units

Typically suited to small offices, computer rooms, surgeries and domestic applications wall mounted units are quiet, easy to clean and affordable. The unit can be mounted at high level on either an internal or external wall.

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Cassette Type Air Conditioners

cassette type unit

Cassettes are typically installed in the centre of larger rooms. The unit is recessed in to the ceiling and provides 4-way air distribution. Cassettes are suited to larger offices, retail outlets, shops and showrooms.

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Ducted Air Conditioners


Ducted systems are concealed within the ceiling void. Air distribution patterns can be spread over larger areas. Insulated ducting is connected to the air-handling unit to carry the conditioned air in to the room via ceiling grills.

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Low Wall Systems

conservatory air conditioning

Floor mounted system are suited to both domestic and commercial applications. When no ceiling space is available in areas with pitch or glass roofs like a conservatory, floor mounted system fit neatly against internal and external walls.

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